Julie Reid
D’mario cannot be beat for his expertise and knowledge as a Master Trainer. He has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and has made a name for himself by being able to assess each person individually and crafting a program that’s works for them. He has evolved over the years by continually pursuing advanced fitness certifications such as performance enhancement and corrective movement, so he has the ability to work expertly with clients of all ages, levels and abilities. He is professional and personable and his skills as a trainer are superior to those you will find anywhere in the area. Highly recommended!!
Royal Thomas
Great experience overall. Very friendly staff and clean workout area. Would definitely recommend. 2 reviews TONE your body, get STRONG and feel GREAT no matter where you are in your fitness…
Joseph Jarmon
I have known & trained with D'Mario for about 8 years; following several years with other trainers and physical therapists. D'Mario is at another level than all the others that I have worked with. His knowledge of human anatomy , physiology and the musculoskeletal system is second to none. Better than any other physical therapist I've worked with and w/o question the best trainer . I get the best of all worlds: strength & conditioning along with agility & flexibility to keep my aging body healthy and functional. HE'S THE BEST. A bargain at any price.
Rahul Magavi
D'mario is the consummate personal trainer. I have never met a trainer who is more deliberate and mindful in his approach. He does more than make you tired And sore and sweat. He really personalizes and customizes fitness regimen to the client. I have run marathons, biked centuries, lifted weights, gone to classes and worked with other trainers, but after this past year with D'mario, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life and he is fun to Work out with! Great personality and warm hearted man.
Ashley B
Great facility very clean and organized. The people are very nice and welcoming. I took a boxing class and loved it! The trainers did a great job working with us during the class.
Kamal Doshi
I have nothing but praises for D'Mario and his fitness training regimen. What i like the best about working out with him is that he assess where and how your body is feeling before starting the workout and then modifies your work out plan to fit your body needs.....and still keeps it challenging. I personally prefer trainers who are grounded and also understand that my body is different than theirs and it also has to function post workout as i have to function. Having said that if you are looking for a trainer led exercise regimen. I recommend giving this place a try.
Beverly Raymond
Strong Fitness has made my life so much easier. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and able to understand what is best for each individual. I travel from east of the river to attend 3 sessions per week. If I lived closer, I would also take part in some classes. Strong Fitness has helped me to trim down, maintain good body strength, and look forward to each day with a positive self-image.